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Bet with anonymity

by Jonathan
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Which payment method are you using when playing with video slots, lottery or sports betting ? Do you concern about leaking your personal informations like bank account, credit card infos, IDs, passport informations ?

Paper money is going away.

Elon Musk

Play online betting sites anonymously

Thanks to decentralized currencies, there are multiple online betting sites / applications are now support crypto in-out payments, it releases the full potential of blockchain.


Using crypto currency as the payment method is secure. Thanks to the block-chain, every transaction will be verified by multiple blocks in the chain, which makes the transaction more reliable.


Transactions sent by block chain can be very fast, mostly faster than your banking system. Players are very sensitive about the withdrawal time, wiring you money by e-bank system can cause very stupid waiting time and wasting time chat with the customer service is the last thing we want to do in the anonymous world.


Decentralized block-chain is super hard to trace, everything you expose is only a wallet address. They don’t need any further informations from you. Wagering online are not legal in some countries, some games are only available in specific regions. You are totally untraceable in the virtual world, not the government nor your wife.

Benefits of anonymous Wagering

First of all, you don’t want to get into trouble with your bank.

The first reason to bet anonymously is to ensure your actions remain private.

Most importantly, if you have a profitable account with a traditional sports betting website, they will probably restrict you at some point.

However, anonymous betting helps solve some, if not all, of the above problems:

  • There is no chance of your bank discovering your hobby when utilizing anonymous currency on anonymous betting websites
  • You don’t have to worry about friends or family knowing either since there is no physical proof of your betting site transactions
  • If you’re running out of sports betting websites due to restrictions, using anonymous betting websites gives you a fresh opportunity to bet

Perhaps best of all, anonymous betting sites have a greater range of markets, sports, and special offers than almost any betting company that only accepts fiat currency.

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