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What Are the Best Ethereum Games to Play?

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Ethereum games is one of the most popular blockchain platforms for developing autonomous apps. It’s free software that allows developers to create and launch application programs (dApps) utilizing smart contracts. Ethereum has its own programming language, Solidity, which is widely used in blockchain game development.

So, if you’re searching for some great ethereum-based games, I’ve hand-picked some of the best ones for you. So let’s have a look at them now:



Ethereum is a decentralized open platform technology with a public blockchain. Using smart contracts written in Ethereum’s own programming language, Solidity, developers may create and deploy their own application programs, or dapps. Ethereum games, which are games developed on top of the Ethereum network, are a popular sort of smart contracts right now.

CryptoKitties is a well-known example of an Ethereum game. CryptoKitties is an Ethereum game that allows users to buy, acquire, breed, and trade virtual cats. In November of 2017, it was published.

This report will analyze the top ten Ethereum games currently operating on the Ethereum blockchain, as well as indicators like weekly active users and transaction volume.

  • Weekly Active Users – This metric is a count of how many unique users interact with an Ethereum game in a certain time period, which in this case is a week, or seven days. A unique user is someone who has played the Ethereum game at least once in the last seven days. The user will only be considered as one active user if they interact with the Ethereum game more than once each week.
  • Weekly Transaction Volume ($) – This indicator represents the total dollar amount traded in an Ethereum game over the course of a week. A player could buy a virtual item from another player as an example of a transaction.


ArtStation - Mirandus Promo

The Mirandus comes first. This is a fantasy world side scrolling platformer on Ethereum that is driven by blockchain technology. Players can make their own material in the game. Furthermore, you will have complete control over your material.

It’s a fun game to play. There are no maps or task givers on this planet. As a player, you must venture into the wilderness on your own and test your luck against deep woodlands and dungeon creatures.

You can even serve as a knight in the court of one of the five kings featured in the game. Alternatively, you can open a store in one of the realm’s five citadels.

There is a lot of material to discover in this game. You can stake your claim and buy deeds to develop villages, cities, and citadels, for example.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox (SAND)

You may also play The Sandbox, which is an ethereum-based game. You may construct, own, play, and manage a virtual world created by other players in this game. In order to access the Metaverse, you must also build a cool avatar for yourself.

It’s a decentralized gaming platform that allows you to unleash your inner artist. You may also use blockchain to monetize the platform.

You may use the platform to develop 3D environments and game experiences. You can also engage with other gamers by using virtual items.

You may also earn money by exchanging your virtual content, such as NFTs, on the Sandbox Marketplace.

It does not, however, have anything in common with other cryptocurrency games. Instead, it provides you with an ecosystem in which you may build and play your own games.


Illuvium (ILV)

After it, there’s Illuvium. This is an Ethereum Cryptocurrency open-world RPG adventure game.

Your duty as a player would be to travel over a wide and diverse area. As a result, you might come across deities such as Illuvials. You must also figure out what caused the calamity that broke this world.

There are almost 1000 Illuvials alive in this game. Each monster has its own set of affinities, classifications, and skills. And it’s up to you to capture, merge, and enhance them in order to uncover more powerful forms.

You’ll also have to compete against your opponents and position yourself properly in the tournament. In addition, the game allows you to earn $ILV while you play.

Kingdoms’ League

League Of Kingdoms (LOKA)

The League of Kingdoms follows next. One of the most popular MMO strategy games built on the Ethereum blockchain is this one.

It takes place on a genesis continent where all of the lands are NFTs that belong to other people. By constructing your own kingdoms, you will be able to own, play, and win prizes.

The game provides you with an environment in which you may completely own and exchange your digital goods via NFT. Furthermore, through transparent voting and the congress system, you will be able to engage in game governance.

You may also use NFT to claim ownership of your LANDs and explore the metaverse real estate market, as well as a new world of digital estate investing.



Another intriguing game based on a passion for cats is CryptoKitties. You must acquire and breed kittens in this game.

You have a variety of opportunities as well. You may purchase and trade vehicles in the CryptoKitties community, and you can solve puzzles with other gamers.

You may also earn prizes by creating collections, chasing limited edition fancy cats, breeding cute cats, and unlocking uncommon qualities. You’ll also be able to play some of the Kitty Verses amazing games.

Breedable, collectable, and cat concepts are all included in the game. Each of the cats is one-of-a-kind, and you own them entirely. You cannot have your creation replicated or taken away from you.

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