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What is Huobi Global? Guide to using detail for a newbie

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Huobi Global is one of 3 exchanges with the largest trading volume in the world. If you are interested in buying or selling transactions on Huobi Global. Please, read this article carefully to know more about Huobi Global, how to register, login,…on Huobi Global. 

What is Huobi Global?

Huobi Global is one of the largest trading platforms around the world and it is one of the top currency exchanges.

Huobi Global is an exchange where users can manage assets, follow the price movement of currency pairs/tokens with professional graphs, store coins safety, easy deposits, and withdrawals. In addition, you can conduct buying and selling transactions by smartphone. 

Alt: What is Huobi Global

How to use Huobi Global for new users?

How to register or use Huobi Global?


Step 1: You need to create an account. To register for a Huobi Global account, visit https://www.hbg.com/en-us/. Then you click the Sign-Up button on your right side.

Alt: Sign up

Step 2: After clicking “Register” button on the right corner of the screen; you need to fill in the necessary information (nationality, email address, password) as below. 

Step 3: Click “Tick” to make sure that you are already agreed with the user agreement and their privacy policy and just click sign up. 

Step 4: Click “Sign up” button, then select “I’m not a robot …” to verify.

Step 5: Huobi will send a verification code to the registered email. You re-enter the code and click “Confirm”. 


  • Please ensure the correct registration country. Otherwise, no modification is allowed anymore.
  • One phone number/email address can be used only once for account registration.
  • Please check your spam mailbox if you are using email to register in case of the verification code mail is automatically being divided into spam.

Login on Huobi Global app

Step 1: Huobi will introduce some features, you just need to click in turn and “Next Step” and finally select “Try Now“.

Step 2: Then, please enter your email and password, and next, select “Login”.

Step 3: Confirm the captcha by touching “>>”; and then drag to the right.

Step 4: Huobi app will request you to confirm through SMS or 2FA. You will receive a code, and please enter 6 digits, select “Accept”.

Step 5: Huobi app will ask “Do you want to set up the app by Face ID or Touch ID?”; If you use iPhone, select “Open now” to accept. After the first login, you don’t need to enter account information, password; just select “account” and scan identification via Face ID.

How to get the Huobi Global welcome bonus?

Step 1: On the right side, click “identification” button.

Alt: Identification button

Step 2: Put your passport number, or maybe your driving license or your ID number, your full name

Step 3: Take a photo of your id card or maybe your driving license or maybe a passport and upload it. 

Step 4: Click “verify”. This verification will take about a few minutes 

to a few hours depending. So once it shows that it’s already completed you will automatically get the $10 welcome bonus. 

Trade on Huobi Global exchange

1. Trading by buying or selling the choice of your paring of coins

Limit Order: Specified your price to buy and sell

Market Order: Best market price at the particular moment.

2. Basic understanding of the project:

– Under “Markets”, select on a token, scroll over to “Overview” on the right, scroll down to “Link”.

Alt: Click “Markets”

– Under Orders / Open Orders to view any unexecuted order which can be “Cancel

– Under Order History to view any executed order and information of order in “Detail

Alternatively, you may also view the Open Orders / Order History in the exchange

How to withdraw BTC, ETH, USDT from Huobi exchange to Remitano

If you don’t have demand to trade anymore, you can withdraw BTC, ETH, USDT from Huobi to Remitano exchange to sell VND, or withdraw to other exchanges for trading or a separate wallet to store, do the following:

Step 1: Click “Assets” and select “Deposit & Put money in the wallet”.

Step 2: Enter the symbol of the coin you want to withdraw into the search box, I want to withdraw Bitcoin so I will enter “BTC“, below you will see the coin you need and click “Withdraw”.

Step 3: Here you enter the withdrawal information as follows:

  • Address to put money in the wallet: Enter the BTC wallet address you want to withdraw, if withdrawing to Remitano, take Remitano’s BTC wallet to enter.
  • Quantity: Amount of BTC you want to withdraw, click on “useable” to withdraw it all
  • Procedure fee: BTC withdrawal fee from Huobi is 0.0005 BTC
  • Amount to Account: This is the amount of BTC you will receive to your Remitano wallet after deducting withdrawal fees.
  • Finally, click on “Withdraw”.

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