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Some ideas for earning extra income latest update in 2022

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Some ideas for earning extra income latest update in 2022

You would like to find something to do in order to earn extra income besides your main job. You just need a computer and a passion for games online. So, today we will let you know some ideas to make more money by playing games. Let’s focus on our topic to find a suitable idea to increase your income.

Earn extra income by CrazyMiner

CrazyMiner is a Play-to-Earn game on the Binance Smart Chain that involves generating the best possible computing power. The goal is to win PWRs by fighting enemies with computing power as your main weapon. You will have to make strategic decisions to achieve your goal.

Payment methods of this game are cryptocurrencies or digital wallets.

Alt: CrazyMiner

League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms Land (LoKL) NFTs were first introduced via the two rounds of presale in July 2020. Thereafter, the land NFT tokens are loved and enjoyed by many.

Payment methods of this game are cryptocurrencies or digital wallets.

Gods chained

Made in partnership with Gods Unchained Corporation, $GODS is the native ERC-20 token of the Gods Unchained universe. Mortals can use $GODS to craft NFTs, purchase packs from the Gods Unchained marketplace and earn even more rewards by holding the tokens in Immutable X. $GODS tokens also represent voting power, enabling players to participate in governance proposals that influence the game’s destiny. 

Alt: Gods chained

Bomb Crypto

Airdrop in the virtual currency world is “money falls from the sky”, your task is to bring out your wallet and collect the money at the right time.

Each project will allow you to receive Tokens from different Airdrops. To own valuable Coins, users can participate in a number of activities: testnet, bounty, user referrals, social tasks such as posting on social networks, like, comment, share announcements of the company. project to attract more users to subscribe to the project.

When the project’s spread is stronger, the more people sign up, the higher the value of the Coin you own will increase.

Alt: Bomb Crypto


Explore the metaverse owned and built by users in an immersive way through Virtual Reality. Solice will contain social, gaming and crypto elements to make sure that everyone will be able to find a way to enjoy themselves within the metaverse.

By enabling the Solice metaverse on VR, users will get a more immersive feeling to fully enjoy themselves within this virtual metaverse. While Solice is made to interact with VR, it is also available without a VR system.

Earn extra income by Ertha

Earn real money while you play

Choose your path and your destiny

Map of ERTHA is divided into hexagons – a home for player communities. Players are free to choose where to live, study, and work. 

Players earn Ertha tokens which they can exchange for any cryptocurrency. 

  • Find resources, studies, jobs via the map.
  • Travel to the farthest corners of the world.
  • A player can build a residence in the place of his choosing.
  • Studies are subsidized from the state budget.
  • All market transactions use Ertha tokens.

Oly sport

The World’s first horse racing metaverse game for players to earn virtual land and real land in game

An online horse racing game platform using non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Players can buy, breed, and race virtual horses, which are represented by NFTs.

The platform will allow players to earn esports prizes from virtual horse races through the power of blockchain

Mytheria – One idea for earning extra income

Mytheria is the first pioneering NFT game offering an exclusive Create-To-Earn community for artists including you, with a name of artist community: GODFORGE. GODFORGE is an exclusive community where you could freely display your artworks or even create your own characters. You could earn attractive incomes because your artworks could be traded and auctioned. Your artwork could be selected to incorporate in the game universe through a voting system.

Mythrtia is a world where Gods from different cultures combat for honor and glory

A war takes place that shakes the entire universe, causing Gods of different civilizations and heroes to clash with each other. In such a world full of chaos, where Zeus can shake hands with Odin, Heracles side by side with Thor, Wukong engages Ares on the battlefield, anything can happen. You have the power to build alliances between gods and heroes to form an invincible squad and create new Gods with unimaginable powers.

Alt: Mytheria

Bemil Coin – the way to earn extra income

From ancient times, the rumors related to gears containing the power of the 5 elements: Iron, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth were created with the belief of bringing wealth and dominion over the entire universe to the people who could own them. But no one believed this, until the appearance of the WISE ELDER (ToTo) with the recipe for making gears that sparked a peaceful life in the Valid galaxy…

Alt: Bemil Coin

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